Norris A1 Panel Plane

I have been collecting Old Woodworking Hand Tools, especially Stanley Planes, for about 30 years now.  This site is a showcase of my personal collection of mainly Planes by such makers as Stanley, Spiers, Mathieson, Record, Norris and Preston. Come in and enjoy.

If you have an interest in Old Woodworking Tools and Planes by Stanley, Preston, Norris, Record, Spiers and Mathieson, you may just have come to the right place. I hope that you will find the site both interesting and Educational.

On the pages of this site you will find pictures and descriptions of many tools and planes that are in my personal collection. A few of the planes may look relatively modern and not unlike tools available today but the majority of them are between 65 and 130 years old.

Among them you will find collectors’ favourites such as the Stanley 45 and 55 Combination Planes, Rarer Stanley Rabbet or Rebate Planes and Stanley special purpose planes, all in the Stanley Gallery.

Mathieson Panel or Try Plane

Sometimes I may sell surplus and duplicate tools and books to help fund my passion for collecting old Stanley Planes. Please check out the For Sale link.


Millers Patent Stanley No.41

You will also find the Record 405 and other Multiplanes , Record Shoulder Rabbet and Bullnose Planes, Record Calvert Stevens CS88

Plus Spiers Plane O’ Ayr, Spiers Walnut Filled Shoulder Plane, Mathieson Twin Bladed Bullnose and other Rebate Planes, Infill Planes by Spiers and Norris, Spokeshaves from Stanley Preston and others, Plus many other old Woodworking Planes and Tools.

Ebony and Brass Brace

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Neil Searle & Mike Grieve Display Vintage Tools at The Scottish Woodfair In The Dewar’s Centre, Perth. Click the Pic For More details.


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